We are the Order of the Golden Hammer! A dedicated guild for Warhammer Online! As a group of close friends based in England, we will bring death to Destruction!
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 Guild Charter

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PostSubject: Guild Charter   Guild Charter I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 06, 2008 5:31 pm

The Order of the Golden Hammer - Guild Charter

Membership Guidelines and Policies:

Firstly, please make sure you have read our Recruitment post located HERE.

By applying to join the guild you agree that you understand and will partake in the following charter:

1. You [as a member of the guild] will uphold the good name of The Order of the Golden Hammer and will be polite to non-members, as we pride ourselves on our chivalric nature.
2. You agree to persue any complaints through an officer or private chat in-game. Any bickering in open-chat channels will not be tolerated and is completly unneccesary.
3. You will listen to the officers and raid leaders and follow their orders. You also understand that leaders are in leadership position for a reason. If you get sent to you to your death without good reason, report a leadership complaint and it will be dealt with accordingly.
4. You will never use Real Money Trading to purchase in-game currency. Anyone in the guild found using RMT merchants will be removed from the guild. No exception!
5. You will ultimatly, use your common sense, and try not to act like a thug.
6. But above all, you understand that we play not for the loot and not for the kills, but we play for the Guild!

King Luke
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Guild Charter
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