We are the Order of the Golden Hammer! A dedicated guild for Warhammer Online! As a group of close friends based in England, we will bring death to Destruction!
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 Classes crossed off the list...

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PostSubject: Classes crossed off the list...   Fri Sep 12, 2008 4:50 am

This is work people, we're not here to have fun!

Here is a list of the different classes I've managed to work my way through on the Mystie-whistle-stop-tour through Open beta.

  • Empire Bright Wizard (To level 7)
  • Goblin Shaman (4)
  • Elf Shadow Warrior (3)
  • Elf While Lion (6)
  • Dwarf Engineer (4)
  • Goblin Squig Herder (3)
  • Dwarf Runesmith (4)
  • Empire Witch Hunter (3)

I'm playing on each for a few hours, then not returning to them, leaving them to be deleted at the end of OB. There's lots more to go. The aim is to play at least all of the Destruction classes by the close of OB.

So far the Goblin Shaman has been the most fun. The Gork/Mork mechanic is really well done.

[Edit] With the last day of OB upon me, I realise I haven't tried out as many baddies as possible... So today's evil Mystie day and I'll get those Chaos and Dark Elves played! Shocked

[Edit's edit] Ah. Looks like they closed the OB servers earlier than stated, so I'll roll those Evil dudes in Live!

[Edit's edit's edit] Ah ha! They're letting us OB until tonight. w00t!
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Classes crossed off the list...
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