We are the Order of the Golden Hammer! A dedicated guild for Warhammer Online! As a group of close friends based in England, we will bring death to Destruction!
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 Paris reports to duty! *Accepted*

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Paris reports to duty! *Accepted* Empty
PostSubject: Paris reports to duty! *Accepted*   Paris reports to duty! *Accepted* I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 07, 2008 5:11 am

Question: Main character name:
Response: My current character on this server "Bulrok" is only R7 so far.. You see, I have a destru main "DOK" on eltherion R38. I got bored of it and made a new character "BW" on Tiranoc R34, but the server is pretty much dead. No RvR, only 1 active guild. So here I am, trying again.

Question: Career (aka what class do you play):
Response: Bright Wizzard

Question: What rank are you?
Response: 7, so far.

Question: Do you craft? if yes what crafts and level?
Response: I craft anything! Focusing on talisman making

Question: What style of player are you?
Response: I live for PvP and RvR. I love to use strategy and tactics to defeat opponents who are often stronger or even "better". I like to work through teamwork to accomplish the different goals of the game and I never have a problem with performing my role. I used to target call in Guild Wars so I understand strategy and how PvP works. I just really want to have a good time killing some Destru scums with a good organized guild.
I usually play a lot, unless there are circumstances that prevent me from playing like tests, work, vacation, etc.

Question: How did you end up deciding to apply for The Golden Hammer?
Response: Lets say a combination of warhammeralliance.com and the /who command (during various days). This game is really not group friendly, so I hardly get to meet people from other guilds. So I decided to go ahead and just look for a guild that I see frequently around (looking for an active guild) and the guild description in the website convinced me.

Question:Do u have and actively use Vent?
Response: Yes, usually I am on vent always whenever I am inside the game. I don't like typing while I am in the middle of battle Suspect

Question: Why do you want to be a member of The Golden Hammer?
Response: I want to get into scenario groups more often, and get into groups that are not filled with players that don't know what they are doing. I am hoping this guild has that much to offer. Also interested in doing organized RVR and exploring parts of the game I haven't played yet.

Question: Are u interested in progressing into a leadership position/role in the guild?
Response: I have always been interested in forming part of a guild leadership, but never really put too much effort into it. Most of the time I don't try to reach a leadership position unless I am nominated. Either way, I respect the leadership positions either when I am in one, or when others are leading.

Question: Do you have a problem with authority figures, or working towards the greater good, even if it means sacrificing something of yourself? Are you a team player, willing to do what needs to be done?
Response: I am as strong as a team player as you can be. I play MMOs mainly for the reason that you can play in teams and come up for strategies to reach an objective. (PVP or PVE) If I didn't like teamwork, I would be playing a different game, because if you take that away, there is not much in MMOs other than a poorly scripted/ bad performance RPG game.

Question: What do u think u can do to help make The Golden Hammer the best that it can be?
Response: Play the game, respect the guildmates, and have fun?

Question: What is your gaming history?
I would run out of space if I included my entire gamign history here... So I will just include MMOs:
EQ1 PVP server - The good old days, when PVP drama was worth pvping for, even if you got no reward out of it. It was just fun! There was no need to get pvp items, exp or renown to make it fun!
FFXI - No real pvp, the game seemed like an endless grind with not much else.
WoW - PVP server - Was in one of the top 20 guilds pre-TBC, then I quitted when the expansion came out because I got burned of the game. I used to PVP almost every day until they changed the PVP system from ladder into a grind.
VG - There was no content past lv 40, I quitted cause I could not find anything to do.
AOC - Fun game, but the patches they released breaked more things than they actually fixed.
WAR - Played since open beta (that doesn't say much though )

Question: What is your average gaming schedule like?
Depends, usually I have flexible playing times. I play almost every day from 12PM-03AM, and then some more. Just really depends on the day... if there is a guild event I can probably join it unless it is in the morning... where I devote my time to either sleep, work, or study

Question: SEX?

Question: Location?
Copenhagen, Denmark

Question: Age?

Question: who referred you or do you have any friends in The Golden Hammer now?
none: group system doesn't really allow to meet new people.

Question: Anything Further you would like to add?
I have played most class types to learn the basics of each class and learn how to counter them with my BW
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Guild Leader
Guild Leader

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Paris reports to duty! *Accepted* Empty
PostSubject: Re: Paris reports to duty! *Accepted*   Paris reports to duty! *Accepted* I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 08, 2008 11:12 am

Hi there

Thanks for your interest in the Golden Hammer.

I will accept your application, but you do seem fairly Hardcore. Please be aware that we are a casual guild and play no way near the amount of hours you claim to be clocking. Right now a few of our guys are playing through fallout 3 (hence why it's taken me so long to get round to your application also,) so we're pretty quiet, but I'll be on over the weekend.

Send my character 'Luke' a PM or in game Mail saying it's you and I'll wing you an invite. If I'm not online, try getting in touch with Probst, Mozza or Rhovanion.

See you in game!
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Paris reports to duty! *Accepted*
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